Do something…it’ll be good enough

Time to reignite this site, I think. Why haven’t I written anything in so long? In part, because I’ve just been busy – the perpetual excuse – but also because it’s one of those things that always gets put off. Left to do at the weekend, or next month, or when work calms down.

Perhaps one of the reasons it’s an easy thing to put off is worry, or fear of failure. What if I write the wrong thing? What if no one is interested? What if my writing isn’t as clear as I’d like it to be?
I suppose fear of failure – or fear of not being good enough – is one of the major things holding back a significant proportion of people. Impostor syndrome – the feeling that “everyone else” is doing things “properly” (like a real grown up) and you’re a fraud – is oft-felt, but perhaps not talked about enough.

I, for one, can’t be doing with it any more. Maybe this post won’t be “good enough” – what does that even mean? – and yes maybe it will just be a 5 minute splurge of what’s going on in my head – but who cares. I’m going to post it anyway. Maybe action is the only way to overcome these feelings. It doesn’t matter if it’s “not very good”. Just do something. Do one little thing. Then maybe it’ll lead to more little things.

Like more little blog posts…who knows.

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